Bueaty and Hair Salons

Increasing customer satisfaction !

Salon point of sale (POS)

Sell service, products, and accept cash, card, vouchers, and loyalty points. 
Fast check out to improve customer satisfaction and retention. 
The reliable and safe architecture enables every till functioning with or without internet connection.

Engaging and retaining customers (CRM)

Sign customers up to your loyalty program.
Create customer lists, track customers’ purchase history and best keep them coming back with targeted promotions. 
Bring in new customer and turn them into regular by creating exclusive offers to targeted customer groups, membership discount, reward points, exclusive program combinations.

Automate your salon marketing

Send customized, personalized email and text messages on a programmed schedule to grab clients’ attention.
Identify the right clients group for your promotional messages. 
Reward clients for customer referrals. 
And set up requests for reviews from every happy client.

Employee Management

Create individual user accounts, customize permissions to restrict what users can see and do.
Flexible commission plans reward performance, attracts best sales people and dramatically increase our sales and bring new customers.

Multi-store Management

Complete control of all stores, head office can set up price, promotions and manage employees with a powerful dashboard.
Take insight view of how each store is tracking overall. 
Generate comprehensive and easy to understand reports to grow your business strategically and take informed business decisions.


On going POS support

1-on-1 POS service

Live help-desk 24/7 support

Hardware set up

Cloud POS

Field service