One Store

Fast and reliable

Speed checkout

►User friendly, fast checkout
►Fast track allocate single iterm.
►Hot keys for refund, pending,menbership points,discount.
►Multi channel payment: Alipay、Wechat、Apple pay、bank card、cash、coupons、points etc.
►Have flxible promotion mix with our smart discount scheme
►Register new customer directly at the point of sale
►Create individual user account and roles
►Camera integrated with cash drawer, you can monitor cash operation of each store.

Back office

►Create multiple products variations you need
►Bundle products together to create gift set or group
►Flexible customer promotions and scheme
►Customer purchasing behavior analysis, auto-segment and e-mail marketing
►Track stock movement and turnovers
►Track employees sales performance
►Exclusive sales reports your brands, product categories, collections, and even suppliers

All-in-one retail management solution