Sports and Outdoors

Make better data-driven decisions !

Products management optimization

With our innovative tag, you can filter, rank or sort your products by creating different groups, like gender, season, style, age , material, occasion, etc, which help easier to edit or analyze stock movement, and get more flexible sales reports by each individual group.

Drag and Drop, easily go multichannel

Drag and drop single product to your online shop linked live to your stock. 
With central stock control module and single customer database, you can easily monitor and manage your stock across multiple on-line and off-line retail channels.

Customer Loyalty

Using sales and customer data pulled from Shinepos system can help you craft targeted promotions to all or any of your particular stores. 
Flexible discount combinations help you successfully draw in more customers.

Employee management

Commission plans reward performance, automatically generate real-time sales analytics reports which effectively measure sales  performance.
Manager can take control of multi-site sales teams, setting up effective sales strategy and attracting best sales people.


On going POS support

1-on-1 POS service

Live help-desk 24/7 support

Hardware set up

Cloud POS

Field service