►Centralizing purchasing with low-stock alert
►Create multiple products variations you need
►Bundle products together to create gift set or group
►Track inventory by brand, supplier, category

►Add new customer directly at the point of sale
►Take insight view of their purchasing history, loyalty and preference
►Get customer come back by coupons, points, discounts, etc
►Auto-segment and e-mail marketing

►Create individual user account and roles
►Track employees sales performance
►Flexible commission plans
►Manage staff schedule


►Exclusive sales reports your brands, product categories, collections, and even suppliers
►View store metrics see how your stores are performing
►Customer data and analysis across locations
►Access key information from anywhere


►Ease to use and fast staff training
►Shine-pos can work offline
►Refund, return and store credit
►Customize receipts with your logo and website

►Manage price and promotions across lotions
►Set and restrict user accounts across all locations
►Make adjustments to the system in real-time


for fastest growing brands

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  • Professional pos software for China retail market
    2020年4月21日 / Professional pos software for China retail market已关闭评论 / Information

    Different users can choose preferred language to approach the system. Shine-pos retail system has different versions, and each single version has been tailored to fit different industries.

  • Franchise
    2020年2月18日 / Franchise已关闭评论 / 未分类 Franchise Premium solutions for fastest growing brands

  • Multi-Store
    2020年2月18日 / Multi-Store已关闭评论 / 未分类 Multi-Store Manages all stores in one central virtual o

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